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San Cisco Interview

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A little while ago I caught up with Australian alt pop band San Cisco after their gig at Nottingham's Rock City to chat touring, getting home and their influences.

Hey! You played a great show at Rock City the other day. You haven't been long gone from the UK though, how's touring and the UK treating you? How does it compare to playing back home?

Our last tour with Darwin Deez was a lot of fun. We had some great shows and traveled places we have never been before. It is super interesting to see the different music scenes going on in the various cities.

What's the music scene like in Fremantle? Did it help shape the kind of music San Cisco create?

Fremantle is a great place to go home to. Awesome beaches, not too many people and there is plenty of space to live. There definitely is a very special music scene going on there. a lot of super cool sounds and music is being made. All of this would definitely have contributed to the sounds we create.

Who are your musical influences? Do you all love the same kind of bands or do you have different backgrounds?

We have all grown up on different kinds of music which is largely what has contributed to the sound we have developed ourselves. Me personally, I used to listen to a lot of Beatles (still do) and am obviously influenced by all of the classics. More recently, there is always new bands and records that we listen to in the tour busses and hotels. Really like the new Daft Punk record.

Something that people seem to really love about you is how danceable, upbeat and catchy you are, and your latest single Fred Astaire is a perfect example of that. It's a real earworm. How do you go about writing something like that?

I think generally, we don't chase these things when song writing. It is just part of a lot of the music that we love to listen to and make. we are not really the kind of people who write lengthy ballads or slower songs. I guess its just part of what we like to do.

What are your musical highlights of the year so far?

A few months ago we did a US tour with the Vaccines. That was a great way to see a lot of awesome venues throughout the US. I also feel like we learnt a lot from them as a band.

Thanks for taking the time to answer some questions for us! What should readers expect of San Cisco for the rest of 2013?

We have a lot of touring coming up which will probably take up most of our time for the rest of this year. Also it would be good if we could fit some solid home time in to start working on new material.

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