Monday, 24 June 2013

Midlands music scene + We Show Up On RadaR

Lately I've really been rooting through the musical talent of local bands around the East Midlands, partly for The Mic purposes, partly because I'm looking to put on some events sometime in the future, but mainly because it's a wondrous world I'd never quite looked at before. As a kid, reading Kerrang! and NME religiously, you'd always hear about the famous Rock City in all its glory, but having moved to Nottingham nine years later, the buzz of the Midlands music scene had seemed to have passed its heyday.

But really, I was wrong. The monopoly of major gig venues around the country have hit independent music venues like Rock City hard, and so although they're not plastered over every major tour poster like I remember back in 2005, what they're doing and the music they do bring in is fantastic. There's also a huge array of things going on around here, the Midlands is full of people just doing stuff, with one of the biggest population of skateboarders in the UK, tons of beautiful and quirky independent cafes, venues, shops and stalls powering their way through tough times and inevitably hundreds of appreciated but fantastic artists.

You hear talk of the London, Manchester and Liverpool music scenes all the time, but delve in a little deeper, a little more centrally, and you'll find some gems, I promise you. Here's a little taster by We Show Up On RadaR, an absolutely beautiful song called I'll be a Ghost which I just can't get enough of. WSUOR are playing a few shows come Autumn, so check them out when you can.

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