Saturday, 16 February 2013

Introducing: The Cheap Thrills

Picking my way through Twitter today, I came across this Liverpudlian band called The Cheap Thrills. It's youthful, energetic rock & roll which doesn't shy away from being something you can really dance to. Their songs are tight and their sound is immediately compelling - to much joy they've put up a whole load of songs on their SoundCloud account and I've been listening to them for a good hour. The Cheap Thrills are more rough round the edges and  than your standard indie band, and that little bit harder. There's something of the Buzzcocks about them, and The Strokes, as they take on a garage-rock vibe and produced some really good tunes. A band to keep your eye on, I think.

Personal favourites are Who Fell Down The Stairs? and Justice.